Red wild Shrimp

Pleoticus muelleri – Hymenopenaeus muelleri

Factory of fisher caught in deep sea FAO Area Nº 41. The Argentine Red Shrimp has a reputation for its distinctive taste and for being a wild-caught natural product. Presentations: WR L1, L2, L3, Tails: C1, C2, C3. Peeled and deveined.

Illex Argentinus squid

Illex Argentinus

Wild caught and fished in deep sea FAO Area Nº 41. Whole round squid, Skin on tubes, Squid tubes, Squid tentacles cleaned, Squid rings,

Hake Hubssi

Merluccius hubbsi

Wild caught fished in deep sea FAO Area Nº 41 Patagonia, Argentina. Presentations: Whole round 2 x 10 kg., HGT (Headless, Gutted, Tail-off) IQF x 12 kilos IQF 1 kilo bag, Fillet 1 x 10 kg IQF, fillet 1 kilo bag IQF.

Other Species

Yellow Croaker – Corvina – Micropogonias Furnieri, Red Porgy – Besugo – Pagrus Pagrus, Sea Trout – Pescadilla – Cynoscion Striatus. Whole round and HGT.